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How do I add a new product on invoice?

If you would like to add a new product on invoice page for an inventory item that is not listed yet, simply start typing product name i.e. iPhone 7 Front Camera. An option titled "Add New" will be displayed.  

Click on "Add New" and it will open a pop up window where you can add relevant information about the new product. 

You can add the following information about the product:

Type - The type of product i.e. Parts, Accessories, etc. 
Name - Product name
Manufacturer - The manufacturer of the product
Retail Price - Price of item/ product
In Stock - Available stock of product
Tax Class - Tax class applicable on product
Condition - Physical condition of product, i.e. New, Used, etc. 
SKU - Stock Keeping Unit ID of product
Device/ Model - The device/ model to which the product/ item belongs
Cost Price - The cost incurred for the purchase of item/ product
Stock Warning - Minimum stock level for the product after which it needs to be re-ordered
Supplier - The vendor providing the product. 

Once you've entered all relevant information, click on Save to add product to inventory. 
Note: Before you Save an Invoice please click on "+ Add Row" against each item so it gets added to your invoice.


Q. How can I stop employees from adding a new service/ item in invoices?
A. You can do so by:
1. Heading to Roles Permission under Employees in Settings.
2. Select Employee Role.
3. Click on Invoices section to expand section and view triggers.
4. Disable the trigger "Create New Service/ Item".
5. Click on Save Changes.

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