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How can I add/edit customer to an invoice?

You can add an existing or new customer from the customer field on Invoice page. 

To select an existing customer to an invoice, simply search the customer via their name or contact details from the search field and select from the drop-down menu. 

If you would like to add a new customer to a invoice which is not present in RepairDesk, just click on the New button in the customer section of Invoice. 

Once you click on New, a pop up screen will open where you can add the information about the new customer. 

Here you can add all the relevant customer details such as Customer Name, the Customer Group to which they belong, their contact details and Network Carrier. You can also add additional details by clicking on the Additional Information button and entering other details. 

Once you're done, simply click on Create to add customer to RepairDesk and the invoice from which you have added the new customer.

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