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How do I print an invoice?

Print Invoice from POS

You can print an invoice once you hit checkout on POS after adding items in basket. A pop up screen will open with multiple print options. Select Print Invoice from these options.

Print Invoice from Invoice Listing 

However if you want to take print at a later time, it's not a big deal. Just head to Manage Invoices section. Click on the Action button against the invoice and click on Print Invoice.

Print via View Invoice

From the list of invoices, select an invoice and open it by clicking on Action button and select View. The invoice will open. From the Invoice Action button, click on Print Invoice.

Note: If you haven't set printers yet and configured printing of invoices, we strongly recommend that you do so. Please ensure that you're using recommended printers. If you're using PrintNode or Google Cloud Print make sure that you've set them up correctly to avoid any inconvenience while taking prints. 

Q.How can print transaction iD on invoice print?
A.You can print transaction id on invoice print if you turn on the trigger in the setting/ module configuration.

once this trigger is enabled the transaction id or cheque id will be printed in invoice print.

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