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Deposits Functionality In RepairDesk

Are you looking for a solution to capture bench fee from your customers while booking a repair job in RepairDesk? Great! Your search comes to an end. With RepairDesk deposits feature, you can now apply either a fixed or variable payment to a job, to be used toward the total charges upon a job’s completion.

Watch the video below to see the module in action

How To Set Up?

To make this work for you perfectly, you need to perform a few simple steps as given below:
1. From store settings --> head to bottom of the page to set up the deposits module. If you want to charge deposit on repairs, mark the option as Yes and set the deposit value in either percentage or currency.

2. If you want to charge tax on deposit amount, mark Yes against this option and select tax class that you want to charge.

3. Hit Save settings and you are ready to go.

How To Charge Deposits?

1. While creating a repair ticket from POS, following the process as explained in this article, you will get the option to charge a deposit as shown below.

Once you hit Confirm, the repair item will be added to the cart with the deposit amount as a separate line item as shown below.

Now when you hit checkout, the deposit invoice will be created and the system will ask you to make complete payment against the deposit invoice.

Note: You will not be able to create a ticket if a deposit is required against the repair service. It will automatically create a deposit invoice that can be viewed from the manage invoices section just like a regular invoice. Ticket will be auto generated against deposit invoice. 

Partial payments will not be allowed against deposit invoices.

Adjustment Against Deposit Invoice

To adjust the deposit value with original invoice, all you need to do is
1. Re-open the ticket on POS
2. You will see the deposit amount will be shown as negative value and rest of the balance will be available to pay against that ticket.

3. Now when you will make payment against this ticket (Create invoice), balance amount will be shown as remaining payment and a new invoice will be created as adjustment invoice (similar to regular invoice)

Refunding The Deposit Invoice

A deposit invoice can be refunded just like a regular invoice is refunded. However deposit invoice can only be refunded if original invoice has not been created yet.

To learn more about how to refund an invoice, please follow the link to article.

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