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Billable Hours

Billable hours are the number of hours or time spent on a service according to the hourly rate decided between the customer and the worker. Businesses and agencies charge their customers based on the time spent in performing the service. Workers track the amount of time spent on a job and charge the customer by deciding on per hour rate.

Most of the managed service providers and professionals working in computer repair vertical charge their customers according to the time spent on the service.

Setting Up The Module

In order to use the functionality for billable hours, all you need to do is mark the category as "billable hour" and you will be able to charge the customer depending on the time taken to perform the job.

1. From module configurations, head to Manage Repair Categories
2. You can edit an existing category to mark it as "Billable Hour Category" or you can mark the category directly while creating new category.

Check mark the option to charge customers based on the time spent on service.

3. Now when you will create a ticket/invoice against the category which is marked as "Billable Hour", you will not be required to select device and manufacturer. Instead you can directly select the problem, associate part (if required) and add the service to cart as shown below.

4. Service will be added to the cart. You can always change the quantity which in this case will be the time spent on performing the job. Quantity can be added in decimal points.
Please note that price will be added as an hourly rate and total will be calculated as Quantity (time spent) * Per hour rate.

5. We have added the additional notes option while creating the repair ticket from POS so that you can add important notes to follow while doing the repair.

Creating Ticket From Mange Tickets

While creating ticket from manage tickets section, against the billable hour category, you can enter the quantity (time spent in hours) in decimal points and ticket total will be calculated based on price (hourly rate)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the option to charge customer based on working hours apply while creating lead from appointment calendar?
A. Yes, when you create lead from appointment calendar (provided that the trigger to enable category is ON from appointment calendar settings), the steps to select device and manufacturer will be skipped. You will be directed to select the problem directly after selecting repair category.

Later on, when the lead is converted to ticket, you can always change the labor hours (quantity) according to the time spent on the job.

2. Are these settings store wise or business wise?
A. These settings are business wise. You will not have to configure them again and again. Simply mark the categories on one stores and same workflow will be applied to all other stores.

3. Can I also mark the category as Billable hour category while adding or editing a category from POS?
A. Yes definitely you can mark the category as billable hour category while adding/editing a category from POS as shown below.

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