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Send Job Notifications With RepairDesk 2 way emails

With Two Way Emails, when your customers reply to emails sent from RepairDesk, their replies will automatically be added to your mailing list which makes it easy for you to tell the full story of client communication and you can provide even better and faster service.

To see this module in action, please watch the video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this module available only to enterprise customers?
A. No this module is available for all our customers

Q. Will I get notified when I receive an email reply by a customer?
A. Yes you will receive a notification when any customer will reply to your email.

Q. Where can I access the inbox and outbox?
A.  You can access the inbox and outbox from top menu as shown below.

Q. Where will the replies against emails be logged? From where can I view the email replies and keep track of conversation history?
A. You can view the email replies in inbox directly or can view it against respective module for example, if the customer has replied against an email sent on ticket creation, the reply will be logged with that specific ticket.

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