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How to Manage Additional Items in RepairDesk?

The Manage Additional Items feature, previously known as Device Supplied Items has been updated in RepairDesk! No need to fret when creating a repair ticket. Now you can add additional items based on the repair category and customize these for each category as well. Just follow these simple steps.

1- Go to Store Settings, Module Configuration and click on Manage Additional Items.

2- To set up additional items with repair categories, click on Setup Supplied Items with Repair Categories. A pop up will appear asking you to continue or cancel.  

3- After continuing, the default items will be populated in the table. You can edit the items in the table by entering comma separated values. 

4- You can apply the changes to other stores as well by selecting the stores and clicking on the Save button.  

5- You can view the Additional Items on POS when creating a repair ticket. 

Note: If you have created a new RepairDesk account, you will be shown the pre populated additional items against the repair categories. You can edit these by simply entering the comma separated values for each category. 

The repair categories selected at the time of account creation will have pre populated items for the selected categories. If new repair categories are added, then default items will be shown for them. 


Q. How can I hide Additional Items on the POS

A. On POS, select Repair category, Manufacturer, Devices, Problems, Parts and Details. In the Details section (when creating a repair ticket on POS), click on Manage Custom Fields. 

You can disable the Additional Items field and save the changes. After reloading the page, the additional items will not be shown on the POS. 


To view the additional items, click on Manage Custom Fields and Enable the additional items field.

Q. Can I edit additional items from the POS?

A. Currently only those items will be shown on the POS (repair category wise), which are added from Manage Additional Items (Store Settings). You can select the items from that list. If you want to add or remove the items from the list on POS, you have to edit it from the Manage Additional Items section in Store Settings.

Q. Can I add additional items when creating a ticket from Manage Tickets?

A. Absolutely! When creating a ticket from the Manage Tickets section, you can add the additional items by clicking on Pre Repair Device Conditions.

Note: The additional items will be shown repair category wise when printing thermal receipt and invoice of the ticket.  

Q. Can I edit additional items on the iPad app?

A. No. You can only view the changes made from the web on the iPad POS Register. The changes will be shown at the time of ticket creation, on the ticket and customer facing display as well.


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