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How do I enable 2 way SMS at Clickatell SMS Gateway?

RepairDesk has Modified integration for SMS notification, Clickatell, which is a SMS Gateway through which you can interact and communicate with your customers wherever they might be. With Clickatell SMS integration you will be able to provide real-time personalized information to your customers across multiple countries and territories.

We have modified this integration in a way that customer can reply back to the SMS sent by RD.

In order to setup the 2 way SMS you need to follow these steps,

1.      First, go to Clickatell website ( and create an account. Once you've signed up you will receive an API ID from clickatell website.

2.      Login to RepairDesk and go to Settings.
Go to Integrations and click on the Clickatell SMS integration at the bottom.

3.      Check enable 2 way SMS.

4.      Copy the link given on the screen.

5.      Leave business Name for now.

6.      And click save

Next stop Clickatell Website!

1.Enter your Valid login ID and Password


2.Now Select SMS integration tab and click new integration to enter details.

3.Enter the name and description of the integration and select Production environment and press next.

4.Select the feature you want to enable (For 2 way select two way messaging), select time critical delivery. and press next.

5.In setting, enable or disable setting as per your requirement.

6.In two way setting first turn ONReply Callback’ and then paste the URL copied from RepairDesk   here in target address and select HTTP GET from method. And press next. 


7.Phone number will be generated ‘Two way Number’. Check that tab and copy number.

8.And save by clicking next and click finish.

Now move back to RD wed site :

1.Login to Repairdesk and goto to setting.
2.Go to Integrations and click on the Clickatell SMS integration at the bottom.

3.Paste the copied number from Clickatell website (Point#7) in to Business Name .

4.Press Save and you are ready to go. 

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