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How To Setup Star TSP 143 Thermal Printer?

RepairDesk recommends Star TSP 143 Thermal Printers for printing thermal receipts for a hassle-free experience. It is ideal for printing thermal receipts for customers. 

With Star TSP 143 Thermal Printer you can:

 - Print 25 receipts per minute
 - Connect via Plug & Play USB or Ethernet Drivers
 - Drop In & Print Paper Loading
 - Print in 2 colors
It comes with:
 - Internal power supply
 - Accessories 
 - Drivers & Software

How to set Star TSP 143 Thermal Printer?

A. Adding Printer

1. Plug in your Star TSP 143 printer to a power outlet and connect with your system. Turn on power.
2. Download Star Micronics Driver for Mac OS. 
3. If you're using Windows OS, download Star TSP Eco Drivers. Follow these steps if your operating system is Windows 8 or later. 
4. Install the Driver file. 
5. Head to Devices under Settings in Windows, or Printers & Fax under System Preferences in Mac OS
6. Install the driver futurePRNT V5.3 Lite (118MB) driver before connecting printer to system in Windows 8 OS. 
7. Go to Settings >> Devices >> Printers & Scanners and Add this new printer

B. Setting up Preferences

1. Go to Settings >> Devices >> Printers & Scanners. Select Printer and Click on Manage. Go to Printing Preferences
2. Select the appropriate paper size. For Star TSP thermal printer the recommended paper size is 72mm x Receipt or 72mm x 2000mm. Make sure that scale is set as 100%
3. Click on OK to save changes. 
4. In case of manual print, please make sure that Star TSP 143 is selected as printer, paper size is 72 mm x 2000 mm, orientation is portrait and scale is 100%

Note: Please note that RepairDesk doesn't support paper size of 58 mm. 

C. Receipt settings in RepairDesk
1. Login to RepairDesk .
2. Head to Receipt Settings under Settings >> Module configuration >> Receipts.
3. Enter Receipt Title, Terms & Conditions, Footer and upload your business logo. Enable triggers which best suit your business needs and finally click on Save Changes.  

D. PrintNode 
If you're using Print Node or Google Cloud Print, please make sure that Print Trigger such as Turn PrintNode On is enabled against Thermal/ Service Receipts

Please visit the following article to sync Star TSP Printer for automatically printing receipts for PrintNode:
1. How can I use PrintNode?


Q. Which trigger is available for printing thermal receipts in PrintNode?
A.  Please follow these steps:

1. Select the printers to sync with PrintNode. Click on the Action button to Edit or Delete a printer. To add more printers, click on Add printers from google.
2. Click on Action button and select Edit option to enable or disable triggers. Enable trigger against service receipts. Also activate the trigger Turn PrintNode On. 
3. Once you have made changes, click on

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