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How can I add company registration number (ABN, ACN or VAT) on an invoice?

Every business the world over is required by the government to have some form of registration with them. It is one of the pre-requisites for allowing you to operate in a countrry and is bound under the law. Not only does this allow governments to regulate businesses, but it also offers you advantages like tax benefits and cuts.
RepairDesk allows you to enter your Business Registration Number or Tax Identification Number such as your ABN (Australian Business Number), ACN (Australian Company Number) or VATIN (Value Added Tax Identification Number). This will allow you to put your registration numbers on tax invoices, customer receipts and payment invoices.
A brief description of these registration numbers are as follows:
ABN (Australian Business Number) – An ABN is an 11-digit identification number that identifies your business to the Australian Government and Public Community. Though not a replacement of the Tax ID, it serves many business and legal purposes.
With an ABN you can:
  • Identify your business on invoices while issuing orders.
  • Avoid PAYG (Pay As You Go) tax on receiving payments.
  • Claim GST (Goods & Services) credits.
  • Obtain an Australian domain for your website.
  • Claim credits for energy grants.
ACN (Australian Company Number) – ACN is a 9-digit code issued by the ASIC or Australian Securities and Investment Commission to identify your business. It is mandatory to mention this ID on all invoices issued by your company if it is operating in Australia.
ABR (Australian Business Register) – The ABR enables you to engage in business-to-government and government-to-business processes, such as Tax Office transactions that involve the collection and remittance of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
VATIN (Value Added Tax Identification Number) – VATIN is a registration number used in many countries, most of them members of the European Union.
With VATIN you can:
  • Improve your business profile.
  • Carry out business dealings.
  • Avoid financial penalties.
  • Claim VAT (Value-Added Tax) refunds.
  • A VAT Identification Number will establish you as a legitimate and authentic business.
Setting Up the Business Registration Number:
  1. Log in to RepairDesk.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Under the section titled Other Information, enter the ID under the Registration No. field.
  4. Finally, click on the Save Changes button to save your changes.
Now when you issue a receipt or invoice, the registration number you entered will be displayed on your invoices.
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