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How Can I Create and Manage an Estimate?


RepairDesk allows you to create estimates for your customers, making it easier to provide them with cost information for repair services or items. This article will guide you through the process of creating and managing estimates in RepairDesk, highlighting the benefits and functionality of the Estimate Module.

1. How to Create an Estimate

You can create an estimate from either the Manage Estimates section or the Point of Sale (POS) screen.

1.1 Creation of the Estimate from Manage Estimates:

  1. Go to the 'Repairs' section in RepairDesk and click on 'Manage Estimates' or click on the "+" button to create an estimate.

  1. Click on create estimate on the top.

  1. Enter relevant data in the fields;

  • Details of the fields are as followed;
    • Estimate ID: You can edit the estimate id by clicking on pen icon in front of default estimate id.
    • Customer: You can search for pre added customer or add a new customer by clicking on 'New' button. You can also add notes by clicking 'Notes' button.
    • Created Date: This is the date that the order was placed.
    • Due Date: This is the date that the order is due.
    • P.O/S.O: This is the purchase order or sales order number for the order.
    • SLOAGN: This is the service level agreement number for the order.
    • FOOTER: This is the footer of the invoice, which typically includes contact information, payment terms, and other legal information.
    • Terms & Conditions: These are the terms and conditions of the invoice, which typically outline the payment terms, warranty information, and other legal information.
Save the estimate, and it will be automatically sent to the customer for approval.

1.2 Creating an Estimate from POS:

  1. Go to the Point of Sale (POS) screen.

  1. Select the Manufacturer, Device, Problem, Part, and enter Details, similar to creating a repair ticket.
  2. Click on the Make Estimate button on the POS screen.
  3. Perform any additional actions needed on the estimate.
  4. Once created, the estimate will be sent to the customer for approval.

1.3 Viewing Estimate from POS:

Estimates can also be viewed from the POS screen. Simply click on 'More Actions' and then 'View Estimates'.

2. How to Send an Estimate Email to the Customer Manually?

You can manually send an estimate email to the customer from either the estimate listing page or the estimate view page.

3. How Customer Portal Works for Estimates

Customers can view their estimates and approve them from the RepairDesk Customer Portal. They can access the portal by logging in with their credentials. From there, they can view all the estimates created for them and approve or request changes if necessary.

Key Takeaway

Creating and managing estimates in RepairDesk allows you to efficiently provide cost information to customers, track potential leads, and convert estimates into repair tickets or invoices with a single click. Utilizing the Estimate Module helps increase customer satisfaction, streamlines communication, and improves overall business process.

Contact Support

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please visit our website or email us at Our support team is ready to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I add internal notes on an estimate?

A. You can add the internal notes in estimates for your employees as you add them in the ticket section. What you need to do is, you have to go to the estimates section and you have to create a new estimate.

Note: You can also add the internal notes on already existing estimates

Manage estimates > Create estimates or update estimates

After adding the internal notes, you can view them or edit them by clicking on the estimates from the listing.

After selecting the estimate from the listing page, you can see the added internal notes under the private comments tab at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to restrict your employees from changing the internal notes, you can also do that.

In order to restrict your employee from changing the internal notes, you have to disable the permission against your employees by going to the roles and permission section.

Settings > Employees > Manage Roles and permission > Estimation > Change internal notes

After disabling the permission, your employee wouldn’t be able to edit the internal notes.

Q. Can I make customer approval mandatory?

A. Yes, you can enable a trigger from module configuration >> estimates. Based on that trigger customer approval will be made mandatory.

Q. How can I add a signature while approving estimates?

A. Yes, you can add a signature while approving estimates by enabling the trigger from module configuration >> estimates.

Q. Can I create an invoice from an estimate?
A. You can not directly create an invoice from an estimate. To create an invoice, first convert the estimate to repair ticket. Then you can create an invoice against a repair ticket. 

Q. Can I create estimates for Trade-In items and accessories?
A. Definitely! The same procedure is applicable to create estimates for Trade-In and Casual Items. You can also convert this estimate for these items as a repair ticket. 

Q. Can employees approve an estimate if customer approval is marked as mandatory?
A. NO, if customer approval is marked as mandatory then the employee can not approve the estimate. Only customers will be allowed to approve that estimate.

Q. Can I create an estimate from the lead section?
A. Definitely! You can create an estimate from a lead. You can also email the estimate to customer directly from lead and download as a PDF as well.
To do this, simply open a lead. Click on Email to email estimate to the customer. Click on Download Estimate to save a copy of the estimate as PDF file on your system. 

To know more, please click here

Q. Is there any option through which I can manually change the estimate status?
A. NO, you can not change the estimate status manually. Status is action-based and once you perform any action, status is changed automatically.

Q. How can I manage estimate status?
A. You can view estimate status from settings under the order status tab. You can view all the staus being used in the estimate module. Plus, if you want to translate, you can change the name of the status as per your requirements.

Q. Is there any option to create estimate form tickets?
A. Yes you can create an estimate from a ticket but with the following limitaion.
1.if any invoice is attached to a ticket then the user will not be able to create its estimate.
2.if the ticket is already created from estimate then the user will not be able to create an estimate again.

The following are the steps to create estimates from tickets.
if you want to create an estimate from a ticket then goto to the ticket (against which invoice is not created), you can either create an estimate for a single device or for multiple devices. once an estimate is created you have no option to edit the device status and create an invoice against that ticket.

Once an estimate is created  Via ticket, the estimate will be sent to the customer for approval and once he approves the estimate then the user will be able to edit and update that specific ticket.

Q.Once I update an estimate do I have to send the estimate for approval again?
A. It depends on your choice, once you update the estimate system give you the option to send an estimate or proceed without customer approval.

Q.Is there any option to disable estimates from the tickets section?
A. Yes you can disable this option  by store settings=>module configuration=> Tickets 

Q: Can I add Due date to our estimates?
We've added a New Due Date Macro for Estimates under the estimate templates. This feature empowers users to incorporate a dynamic due date macro directly into their estimate templates. Users can now easily and consistently include due dates within templates, ensuring accurate and standardized communication of this essential information

Q: Can I decline an estimate?
we've provided users an option to Decline Estimates Directly from within the system, customer portal, and email. This feature empowers users to efficiently manage and track declined estimates without the need for additional communication or workarounds. Users can now decline estimates directly from their preferred interface, preventing these estimates from progressing into tickets or invoices

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