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How to create or add new store location?

So you have decided to expand your repair business. That's great! RepairDesk allows you to add multiple store locations to accommodate your ever growing business needs. So if you are figuring out how to setup another store location, then you have come to the right place!

In this article we will tell you about: 
  1. How to add another store location?
  2. Regional settings.
  3. How to manage your stores?
  4. How to transfer Tickets and Inventory Items?
  5. Multi-Store Report.

Add another store location

To add an extra store location, 

1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Manage Stores.
3. To add another store, click on "+New" button.

4. On Add New Stores, you can enter Basic, Contact and Other Information.

A. Basic Information
Under Basic Information, enter your Business Name, Alternate Name, Email Address and Logo.
In case you have multiple stores you can also use friendly name under ‘Alternate name’ i.e. “Sydney Store” to differentiate between multiple store locations.

B. Contact Information
Under Contact Information, enter your contact and address details such as Phone number, Website, Physical Address, Postcode (ZIP Code), City, State and Country.

C. Other Information
In this section section you can also enter your Registration No. and Opening/ Closing times.  

5. Click on Save Changes to implement these changes.

Language & Regional Settings

Under Other Information you can enter the following regional settings:

Time Zone – Select the regional time zone from the drop-down menu.
Time Format – You can display time in 12 or 24 hour format.
Language – Select language from the drop-down menu. RepairDesk support multiple languages such as French, German, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Arabic. 
Default Currency – Choose the default currency from the list. Once selected, all monetary figures shall appear with the respective currency symbol.
Price Format – By default RepairDesk will display figures with 'period' decimal separator. However, you can select the decimal separator according to your regional preference from here.

Manage Stores

You can manage your store locations by going to Manage Stores, under Store Settings
All your store locations would be listed here. 
Click on Edit to update information about a store.
Click on Delete to remove a store location.

Transfer Tickets

RepairDesk facilitates you by transfering tickets from one store location to another. To know how to transfer tickets, check out this article

Transfer Inventory

Transferring inventory from one store location to another can be a hectic task. Instead of manually adding each item in your new store, simply transfer inventory from one store to another by creating a transfer order

Multi-Store Report 

You can view stats and progress of all of your store locations from Multi-Store Report. To know more about Multi-Store Report, please click here.  


Q. Can I transfer invoices from one store to another?
A. No. You cannot transfer invoices from one store to another. Invoices created in a store will remain associated with that store.

Q. What is Multi-Store report?
A. With this functionality you can view summary of repairs, unlocking, accessories, trade in devices and casual items of each store location. You can also access all other reports for a store by clicking on the store name in Multi-Store report. You can also download Multi-Store report in CSV format.

Q. Do I need to transfer customers from one store to another as well?
A. No. Customer data of a business is shared by all store locations. 

Q. Can I apply same prices on all stores?
A. Sure you can! RepairDesk give you the facility to sync all inventory and service item prices across all stores according to those in your main default store. 
To set this up, just:
1. Head to Store Settings of your Main Store. 
2. Head to Other Information section. 
3. Enable the trigger, "Sync inventory & service item prices on other stores" by selecting Yes from the drop-down menu. 
4. Click on Save Changes (button) to implement price sync. 

Note: To set same prices, please enable this trigger on your main store. Once enabled, all other store locations will reflect prices of repair and inventory items in main store. 

Q. Can I sync inventory and service items on selective stores?

A. Yes! RepairDesk now allows you to sync inventory and service items on selective stores. 

  To change the stores, click on the Select Stores link. A pop up will appear in which you will be asked to select the stores. 

After selecting the store and pressing the OK button, the selected stores will be shown and against this store you can sync your items.

This improvement is available for all stores.

Note: The changes made on the web app will be shown on the iPad POS Register as well. If the user creates an item from the iPad, it will be created on the selected stores from the web app.

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