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How can I add a device location?

Now you don't need to remember where you had placed a customer's smartphone in your repair shop. To keep track of where you have placed customer's phones, we have a feature called Device Location. Through Device Location you can know where customer devices are placed during or after repairs, allowing you to retrieve them in time without searching the whole store.  

View All Device Locations

1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Module Configuration.
3. Select View All Device Locations from the menu.
4. You will be taken to a page where all device locations would be listed.

Manage Device Locations

On the Manage Device Locations page, all device locations would be listed.

Search Filter

To search for a particular device location from the list, click on Search Filter. Enter device location name and hit Search button to display results.

Default Locations
By default two device locations, Bin 1 and Bin 2, are available. To disable these device locations, enable the trigger "Disable default device locations"

Add a Device Location 

To add a new location, simply click on Add Location button. On the new page, enter device location  name. Once done, click on Create to add location.

Edit/ Delete a location

To edit or delete a location from the list, click on Action button against the particular device location and select Edit to change its name and Delete to remove location from the list.

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