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How does the Inventory Count functionality work?


The Inventory Count feature in RepairDesk allows you to accurately track your physical inventory by counting items manually or using a barcode scanner. By performing inventory counts, you can ensure that your stock levels are up to date and prevent unexpected shortages or overstocking.

1. Step-by-Step Guide:

1.1. Accessing Inventory Count:

To begin using the Inventory Count functionality, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Inventory section.
  • Click on Inventory Count to access the main page.

1.2. Inventory Count Status:

On the main page of Inventory Count, you'll find a list of all the counts. The counts with a "Paused" status are those that are in progress and have been temporarily stopped by the user for later resumption. Counts with a "Counted" status have been completed.

1.3. Sorting and Filtering:

You can use the Search Filter to sort and filter inventory counts based on various fields such as:

  • Count ID
  • Store Locations
  • Employee who performed the count
  • Item Name
  • Status (Paused or Counted)
  • From and To Dates

1.4. Starting a New Inventory Count:

  • To initiate a new inventory count, click on the New Inventory Count button.
  • You can now count multiple items simultaneously, providing more efficiency and accuracy.

1.5. Adding Items to Inventory Count List:

  • Specify the Employee and Count Name for record-keeping purposes.
  • Utilize other filters to narrow down your search.
  • After selecting categories, manufacturers, and devices, click on Add to Inventory Count List.
  • The expected quantity of items in the system will be displayed in the "Expected" field.
  • The "Counted" field is editable, allowing you to enter real-time quantities. If the counted quantity matches the expected quantity, no changes are required. Otherwise, you can update it accordingly.

1.6. Counting Individual Items:

  • If you wish to count one item at a time, use the "Count" functionality.
  • Simply select an item or scan its barcode, add the counted quantity, and press "Count."

1.7. Printing Inventory Count List:

  • You can print multiple items to physically count them manually.
  • After counting, you can update the quantities later in the system.

2. Expected vs. Counted:

  • The "Expected" field shows the stock quantity as recorded in the system.
  • The "Counted" field represents the stock items that were physically counted.
  • A difference between "Expected" and "Counted" quantities may indicate discrepancies in inventory levels.

3. Pausing and Resuming Inventory Count:

  • Click on "Pause Count" to temporarily hold an inventory count in progress.
  • Paused counts can be resumed from the point where they were put on hold.

4. Reviewing Inventory Count Results:

  • After completing the inventory count, click on "Proceed to Review."
  • This step summarizes the findings and informs you of any variances between expected and counted stock levels.
  • In case of shortages, the cost incurred due to the loss of inventory items will be displayed.

5. Updating Inventory Stock Levels:

  • Enable the trigger Update Inventory Level to update stock levels based on the counted quantities.
  • Click on Save to apply the changes, ensuring that stock quantities align with the counted quantities.

Key Takeaway:

By using the Inventory Count feature in RepairDesk, you can maintain accurate inventory records, identify discrepancies, and ensure that your stock levels are always up to date. Regularly performing inventory counts will help you manage your inventory efficiently, prevent shortages, and improve overall business operations.

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Q. How can I download the Inventory Count?
A. Click on the action button next to a completed Inventory Count and select Export as PDF or Export as CSV to download the Inventory Count in PDF or CSV formats.

Q. Why I cannot delete or update a Counted inventory count whereas I can delete or update a Paused inventory count?
A. Paused Inventory Count can be updated and deleted because it is still in process and is incomplete.. However, those inventory counts which have the status of Counted have been completed and cannot be deleted or updated. These can only be viewed as these counts are completed in order to stop already finished inventory count from being tampered or manipulated and its record can be referred back to in the future. 

Q. Can I print the sheet of inventory count?
A. yes there is an option to multi-select the data and print. And you can use this sheet for a manual count of inventory items.

Q. How can I count serialized inventory using the inventory count module?
Yes you can count serialized inventory using RepairDesk inventory count module, you need to follow these simple steps, Goto to settings =>Module configuration => Inventory Count Tab

once you enable this trigger, you will be able to count serialized inventory. and if you don't count serials then they will be marked as lost and can not be used in sales transactions.

Once you add serialized items for a count there is the option to count serials, you can either manually count them or scan barcodes for serials in order to count them.

After you click count serials a pop will display, the rough which you can count serials. if there is any uncounted serial it will be marked as lost.

Counted serials will be shown on the right side of the popup.

Note: If user doesn't count serials then they will be marked as Lost.

Q.From where I can see lost serials?
you can view specific serials from manage inventory which are marked as lost.

Q.How can I input price in case items are increased during count?
 Yes, you can input the price for the increase in inventory during the count . you just need to enable the trigger from Settings => Module configuration => Inventory count.

Q. Is there any way through which I can hide the default counted values for the serials?
 Yes, you can do that by enabling the trigger Settings => Module configuration => Inventory count, Hide the default count for sales.

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