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Can I upload device Pre or Post repair device condition image against a repair ticket?

RepairDesk allows you to upload pre/post device condition image. Its useful in a case if a customer comes with a broken or water damage device. Technician can upload pre condition and post condition board image in order to save his ass from being sued.

In order to add pre or post device condition go to the Ticket detail screen. Click the action button against the item for which you wish to upload the attachment. Select Upload Pre/Post Image.

A pop up will trigger that will allow you to attach the file for:

- Pre Condition Image(s)
- Post Condition Image(s)

You also have the option to edit (name and description) or remove an already uploaded image(s). 

Q.How can I send pre or post images to the customer? 
A.  RepairDesk don't have a direct option to send a photo to the customer within RepairDesk, however, there is following workaround functionality you can follow to make it happen.
1. Once you have the image, You can click on it. Right-click and you can copy the image path.
Check the screenshot attached.
  copy image address
2. Once you have the image path, you can go to the "Email/SMS" section of the ticket, you can draft an email or keep a canned response. Along with that, you can paste the image path in the email to send it to the customer.  
 3. this is how your customer will receive the email. 

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