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How can I use DHRU Fusion API? - *Discontinued*

Now you can setup your network unlocking business on cruise control with RepairDesk.

In order to enable DHRU Fusion API so RepairDesk can automatically process your network unlock request, please login to your supplier website and find your API key. 

A DHRU fusion website looks like this:

If you are not sure please request your supplier for an API key and confirm if they are using DHRU based shopping cart script

Once you have received (24 digit) API key from your supplier, please log in to RepairDesk & head to settings >> integrations >>  IMEI Unlock API 

Click "Add new vendor" to enter vendor details:

Fill in the details, click "Create" and the DHRU Vendor will be added.

Once you have successfully added supplier details and it start showing credits info on the configuration page the next step is MAP product that is listed under unlock tab with your supplier.

To map an unlock here's what you need to do:

1- Set API status as "Enabled"

2- Select supplier from the dropdown.

3- Select network from the dropdown. If you are unable to view network list it means your API is not setup properly.

Once you've made recommended changes hit "Save"

Now when a ticket or an invoice is created for a network unlock, RepairDesk will automatically send your IMEI and network information to a supplier. 

Once your supplier mark it as successful, customer will automatically receive an email with instructions on next steps.

If you would like to edit email content that is sent to a customer please head to settings >> email & notifications >> canned response

if you need further assistance please send us an email to 

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