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How to create Canned Responses

Canned responses are pre-written and customizable messages that save time and ensure consistent communication across various platforms. They are a valuable tool for businesses and individuals who frequently engage with customers, clients, or colleagues through email, chat, or social media.

By using canned responses, you can effortlessly address common inquiries, provide standard information, or deliver frequently used responses without having to type them out repeatedly. This feature not only boosts efficiency but also helps maintain professionalism and accuracy in your interactions

1. Open Connect

2. Go to Settings

Screenshot of Go to Settings

3. Click "Templates"

Screenshot of Click Templates

4. Enter the text in your template and click on save.

Screenshot of Enter the text in your template and click on save

5. Click on 'Templates' while replying to messages.

Screenshot of Click on Templates while replying to messages

6. Select the relevant template. You will see three of your favourite templates in this section.

Screenshot of Select the relevant template You will see three of your favourites templates in this section

Note: Only three of your templates that are marked as favorites will be shown. You can mark the template favorite by clicking on the ‘star’ icon in the templates setting.

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