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How to setup RepairDesk Connect

In our conversations with you over the years, we've noticed that cross-platform communication has always been a hassle.

Our user research showed that 98% of you preferred a unified inbox so you don't have to log into six different apps (Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, Web chat, and LinkedIn). and get business messaging, on all channels, in one place. 

With RepairDesk Connect (Beta) you get a Unified Inbox for:
  • Facebook Business Messages,
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Phone Call logs 
  • RepairDesk SMS
  • Emails

How to setup RepairDesk Connect


  • Google My Business
  • Instagram
  • Centralize communication for multi-store
  • Access Control
  • Web Chat

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - I don't see the RepairDesk Connect App icon in my account?  
A - If you would like to beta test RepairDesk connect app, please drop an email to

Q - I'm unable to respond to my old Facebook messages?
A - If a message is 24 hours old, Facebook API doesn't allow you to respond back. Please log - in to your Facebook page to respond back to the message

Q - I'm using RepairDesk Phone System. Can I view call logs?
A - To Access the Call Logs of Phone Pro, click on the Calls Icon on the Bar: 

Q - How can I add notes against a phone call?
A - Click on the notes icon as shown below: 

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