Estimates Module In iPad POS Register

Customers often contact you and inquire about how much a specific repair service/item will cost. Instead of verbally informing them over the phone, wouldn't it be more efficient to create Estimates for them from the iPad POS Register in just a matter of seconds and email them? This will allow you to keep a track record of leads generated and maintain the long list of potential customers. The cherry on the icing is that with the updated estimates module, customer can approve the estimate so that you can proceed, and convert it to a repair ticket in just one click.

Steps to use

1. To use the enhanced estimates module on iPad POS Register, first you need to set up the module from web app as explained in the following article. Settings that are implemented from web will be applied automatically to iPad POS Register.

2. You can create an estimate from iPad POS Register following the steps explained below
a. Login to your RepairDesk account and select the repair category for which you want to create estimate.

b. Select Manufacturer

c. Select Device

d. Select device issue

e. Once the problem is added to cart, hit Checkout and hit Create Estimates

f. Hit Create Estimate and newly created estimate will be listed under view estimates with default status as awaiting response.
Meanwhile the estimate will be sent to the customer via email for approval.

By hitting approve estimate, user will be directed to customer portal to either approve the estimate or request changes.

g. In case if the user has requested changes, the status of estimate will be changes requested and when the estimate is opened on iPad app, the requested changes will be shown as a pop-up

h. The user can close this popup and edit the estimate (just like a ticket is edited) to send it again to customer for approval.

i. After an estimate is approved, its status will change to approved and you can convert it to ticket directly by hitting Convert To Ticket option

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I take customer signatures on requested changes?
A. When you hit edit estimate from manage estimates, you will get the following pop-up where you can intake customer signatures on requested changes.

Q. Can I create an estimate against the product/service bundle?
A. Yes, you can create an estimate against the product/service bundle following the process as explained above.

Q. Can I create an estimate against gift cards?
A. No, estimate cannot be created against gift cards.

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