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Billable hours are the number of hours or time spent on a service according to the hourly rate decided between the customer and the worker. Businesses and agencies charge their customers based on the time spent in performing the service. Workers track the amount of time spent on a job and charge the customer by deciding on per hour rate.

Most of the managed service providers and professionals working in computer repair vertical charge their customers according to the time spent on the service.

Setting Up The Module

In order to use the functionality for billable hours, all you need to do is mark the category as "billable hour" from the repair desk web app and you will be able to charge the customer depending on the time taken to perform the job. For more information see Billable Hours - Web App knowledge base article.

Sync Changes with mobile app by hitting “Sync Products & Settings Manually” from “Left Menu” in the mobile app.

Creating Ticket Against Billable Category

From “Manage Tickets” click on the “Add” icon to create a ticket.

Click on “Add” to add line items.

Click on the ”Device Information Select The Repair Problem”.

Select the billable hour category from the “Select Category” screen.

Select device issue from “Select Device Issue”. You can also create a new issue by clicking on the “Add” icon present at the top right corner of the screen.

Add the required details.

Click on “Confirm” to add the problem to the ticket.

To add another line item click on the “Add” icon. Otherwise, click the “Create Ticket” button.

A new ticket will be created.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I Associate Parts in Repair Tickets Made Against Billable Hours Category?

A. You can not associate parts with a repair line item while creating a ticket against “Billable Hours Category”. But you can associate part with an already created ticket. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Open ticket from RepairDesk’s Mobile app > Tap “Parts” tab > Tap “More Action” and click “ Edit Ticket” from the resulting pop up.

Click “Add Parts”.

The following screen will appear:

Select “Device | Repair Reference”.

Search “Item Name” > And tap on the desired item from the resulting drop-down.

Add the required details and click on Save. The part will be added.

Tap “More Action” and click “ Save Ticket” from the resulting pop-up.

For more information on editing the tickets see How to Edit Tickets in ReapirDesk’s Mobile App?

Q. Can I Create New Billable Hours From RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. No, You’ll have to create the billable hour category from RepairDesk’s Web app. For more information see Billable Hours- Web App KB article.

Q. Can I Create a New Device Issue Against Billable Hours Category from RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. Yes, you can add a new issue against the billable hour category from the “Select Device Issue” screen.

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