How to use Special Part Order in iPad POS Register?

Now you can add a special part when creating a repair ticket from the iPad POS Register as well, just like on the web app.

1- To add a special part to your ticket, simply follow the steps to create a repair ticket and you will see the following pop up.

2- Click on the Special Part Order button and you will see the following page, where the details of special part needs to be specified.

Note: The purchase order for the special part will be created on the web app, if the trigger is enabled.

3- Save the details for the special part and create the repair ticket. After the ticket has been created, the part will be attached to the Repair Ticket (just like on the web app). The status of the part will update according to the status of the repair ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I order special part inventory item through iPad POS Register?
A. Definitely we have made this possible for you to order an inventory item on runtime that is out of stock. In order to do so, please head to POS --> Products and hit Add New Inventory Item.

By clicking on it, you will get the following pop-up where you can enter special part order details and save it to link it to the invoice.

To learn more about how to receive the part, please head to knowledge base article for web.

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