Billable Hours Category

Billable hours are the number of hours or time spent on a service according to the hourly rate decided between the customer and the worker. Businesses and agencies charge their customers based on the time spent in performing the service. Workers track the amount of time spent on a job and charge the customer by deciding on a per hour rate.

Most of the managed service providers and professionals working in computer repair vertical charge their customers according to the time spent on the service.

To use this feature on iPad, all you need to do is mark the category as billable hours category from web app as discussed in this article.

Note: Don't forget to manual sync the iPad settings after changing the category settings from web.

Now while creating the ticket/invoice from iPad app against the category which is marked as billable hours category, the steps to select manufacturer and devices will be greyed out. You will be redirected to device issue screen directly after selecting category.

On hitting confirm, service (device issue) will be added to the cart and you can always change the quantity which is actually the time spent on performing the service.

You will observe that invoice total will be updated according to the quantity entered.

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