How to Manage Custom Fields Against Customers in iPad?

RepairDesk now allows you to view the custom fields against customers in the iPad app as well. To know more about the custom fields on web, please click here.

Follow these steps to view the custom fields in the iPad app.

1- Log in to your store with the iPad POS Register.

2- When adding or viewing an existing customer, click on the Custom Fields tab. If no custom fields are added from the web app, the following screen will be shown.

3- To view the custom fields from the iPad app, add them from the web app as explained in this article.

4- After the custom fields are added, view the customer from the POS and click on the Custom Fields tab. You will be shown the custom fields which you have added against the selected customer.

Note: You can edit the custom fields value from this pop up by changing the text value or selecting values from the drop-down or checkbox.

5- The selected custom fields will be shown on the View Tickets and View Invoices page. Click on the View Custom Fields link under the customer’s information and the pop up will show the custom fields against the customer.

Important: You can edit the values of the custom fields, but you cannot add a new custom field from the iPad app.


Q. Can I set the tax class against a specific customer?

A. Yes. You can now set a tax class against a specific customer, which will have more priority over other tax classes. When adding an item in the cart, the price will be calculated on the basis of this tax class.

Note: Only those tax classes will be shown in the drop-down, which are set in the web app. You will be allowed to change the tax class when editing the customer.

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