Using RepairDesk Payments on RepairDesk iPad app

RepairDesk Payments takes the pain out of payment processing by offering clear & custom rates. With integrated payments, you do not have to key in the amount of purchase on the terminal. This eliminates any keying errors, reconciliation discrepancies, and easier refunds.

With RepairDesk Payments you'll be able to:

  • Access your money fast with next-day deposits.
  • Collect customer signatures before or after a repair is completed.
  • Display promotional images, slideshows or even a video.
  • No hidden fees. We dislike fees as much as you do.
  • Accept gratuity/tipping.
  • Get $250 subscription credit if we cannot match your processing rate.
To learn more about how to set up the integration on web and how it works on RepairDesk iPad app, please refer to the knowledge base article.

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