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Tyro Integrated EFTPOS for RepairDesk

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RepairDesk is happy to integrate with Australia's business only bank and EFTPOS provider, TYRO. Bringing RepairDesk and Tyro together, it is dedicated to helping you manage your electronic payments, reduce the cost of their acceptance and improve your business processes. Tyro delivers faster transaction speed, unmatched reliability and safer payments with value packed features that best fit industry needs.

You can add the following benefits to your payment flows by setting up this integration with your RepairDesk account.

1. Easier Payments

Tyro offers EFTPOS terminals with EFTPOS, credit card and Tap & Go capabilities that seamlessly integrate with RepairDesk.

2. Faster Payments

Offer lightening-fast payments to your customers. With RepairDesk & Tyro your EFTPOS transactions are sub 1.6 seconds, even during peak trading hours.

3. Risk Free Solution

RepairDesk and Tyro offer a completely risk-free solution with simple monthly payments, no lock-in contract, and no set up, break or cancellation fees.

4. Tracking and Reporting

Tyro app allows you to track and report on EFTPOS transactions, setting into your Australian bank account.

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How to setup the integration?

Setting up Integration

To set up this integration on RepairDesk, you need to follow the steps given below.

1. Setup the terminal following the process as explained below.
a. First you need to press Menu button on terminal. Find and select the option for Integrated EFTPOS.

b. Enter your Admin Pin which is required only for first time when you are setting up the terminal.

c. Select Authorize POS. A Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) will appear on the screen.

2. From your RepairDesk account, head to Integrations page --> Tyro. You will see the fields to enter Merchant ID and Terminal ID. Enter the Merchant ID and Terminal ID from Tyro terminal. Hit Pair to set up the pairing with Tyro.

3. You will get the terminal details displayed once the pairing with the terminal is successful.

Making Payments Through Tyro

Now when an invoice is created from RepairDesk following the process described here, Tyro will be shown as payment method on checkout screen.

By hitting process payment, transaction will be processed and meanwhile user will get the following pop-up.

Once the transaction is completed, it will give a success message as shown below.

You will be required to hit Confirm button to log the transaction in RepairDesk. If you try to close the pop-up without hitting Confirm, you will get the error message displayed as shown below.

In case if Google Cloud Print or Print Node is enabled on your account and if you have disabled the options to print thermal receipt ticket and invoice, you will the receipts automatically opened in new browser window and you can print them manually.

Merchant Copy and Customer Copy will be shown in new browser window.

Similarly, under PDF view of thermal receipt from POS, if the trigger to integrate receipt is enabled, an integrated tyro receipt will be shown along with RepairDesk receipt as shown below.


1. Can I offer refund through Tyro?

A. Yes you can refund an invoice that has been paid through Tyro initially. In order to refund the invoice, re-open the invoice on POS and hit Checkout. You will get the following pop-up from where you have to select Tyro as refund method.

You will get the pop-up indicating that refund has been completed successfully. On hitting dismiss, you can click on Confirm to log the transaction in the system.

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