How to Add Customer from RepairDesk iPad POS Register app?

Managing customers is the crucial element of any business. Our iPad POS Register app allows you to add and edit customer using a few simple steps described below

1. Hit the Plus icon shown on top right corner of POS screen on iPad app.

2. You will get the following pop-up displayed where you can enter customer details by hitting Add New Customer option.

3. You will get the screen as shown below where you can enter customer information, add multiple numbers and email addresses against the customer and hit Save.

Q. Can I search for an existing customer through iPad POS Register?
A. Yes you can search for an existing customer by using search option.

Q. Can I edit customer details once added through iPad?
A. It is possible to edit customer details using the pencil symbol shown below.

You will get the list of customers from where you can tap on customers whose details you want to edit.

Q. Is there any option to add referral source against customer from iPad POS Register app?
A. You can add referral source while adding customer from POS Screen.

 In the same way, you can also add the referral source while checking out from iPad as shown below

Q. Can we mark the number and email as primary?
A. Yes. Just like in the web app, you can mark the number and email as primary in the iPad app as well.

Note: You can also view the additional information against the customer in the Tickets, Invoices and the POS section, where the View Details link will take you to the following pop up.

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