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PhoneParts USA Electronic Parts Ordering Integration

PhonePartsUSA, supplier and distributor of high-quality cellphone parts and accessories in the United States, has integrated with RepairDesk, world’s 1st iPAD based Point of sale software designed exclusively for cellphone repair stores.

Setting up your Integration for PhonePartsUSA?
Follow the steps below to set up your integration with PhonePartsUSA:

A. Sign Up with PhonePartsUSA

To integrate PhonePartsUSA with RepairDesk POS, you will need an approved PhoneParts USA account. You can Sign Up here. 

If you already have an approved account, simply login to their website to generate an API token key as shown below

1. Once logged in, click on Account Settings tab to display API Token Key. 

2. Now Login to RepairDesk and click on PhoneParts USA under integrations. 

3. Enter your registered "email address" for PhonePartsUSA and 8 digit alpha numeric "API token Key" and click Connect.

Once you hit connect, RepairDesk will send authentication request to PhonePartsUSA server and display a setup wizard. 

B. Import Selected Items
Once the connection is established, follow the setup wizard as shown below to import selected SKU's from PhonePartsUSA website.

1. Select category of items you want to import and click Next.

2. Select manufacturer from list of available manufacturers and click Next. If you want to modify the previous selection in category criteria, Please click on reset button and it will redirect you to previous selection which you can update by selecting or unselecting required category.

3. Select device models for which you want parts to be imported and click Import Products.

Note: To change the selection criteria or import new products, please click reset which will refresh the page so you can run import setup again.

This process will take few minutes and you'll receive an email once selected SKU's have been imported to your RepairDesk account.

After receiving email for successful import, you can view all imported items by refreshing the page. If you want to import more items, simply run the import wizard again by clicking on Run Import Wizard button appearing at top right corner of screen. 

C.Electronic Parts Ordering

There are 2 ways to use this integration:

1. Open low stock report and add selected items with desired quantity to a purchase order. (see below)

From purchase order screen you will be able to view real-time inventory levels from PhonePartsUSA platform so you can adjust order quantity and will be able to checkout with a single click.  

2. Alternatively, you can create a new purchase order and select PhonePartsUSA as supplier. 
3. Select the shipping address from shipping via dropdown. It will display shipping location along with shipping charges. 

3. Search item(s) by name or SKU you want to order and click on add row. Once you add a new line item it will display real-time inventory levels along with real-time cost from PhonePartsUSA so you can adjust order quantity (if required).

4. If you have any discount voucher from PhonePartsUSA, select it against the discount voucher field and it will calculate the subtotal accordingly.

Note: If you're a corporate customer our integration will automatically display a discounted price setup against individual SKU.
Also, note that total will be calculated by subtracting discount and shipping charges that varies according to the shipping address chosen.

5. Once you've finalized purchase order hit Click to Proceed and it will redirect you to following page where you can check shipping details and hit Save to proceed.

6. Now click on Click here to pay via PayPal which will direct you to PayPal payment screen with your purchase order details being displayed. 

Enter your PayPal account credentials and Hit Log In to continue. If you don't have PayPal account, then please visit the link here to create PayPal account.

7. It will show the following screen with payment details

It will give you confirmation that your payment has been processed. Click on Return to merchant button to get back to RepairDesk account and proceed with other transactions. 


Q. Can I select multiple categories, multiple manufacturers and multiple devices while running the import wizard?

A. Yes that's absolutely possible to select multiple categories, multiple manufacturers and multiple devices during the import process.


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