How To Enable Email Notifications for Items With Low Stock?

Every repair shop owner desires to stay on top of the business by ensuring that inventory stock is replenished periodically. Instead of hurrying to supplier when stock has been depleted, wouldn't it be much better if you get notified daily about inventory items whose stock will soon run out? 

In such scenarios it is wise to get a list of low stock items so that you can schedule their purchase in time and stay ahead in the game. 

RepairDesk understands this problem and for that very reason we have launched a cool and exciting feature which allows you to enable daily notification reports regarding low stock items to be sent to your prescribed email address at the end of daily shift. This will allow you to be notified if there are any items whose stock level needs to be replenished as soon as possible and give you more control over your business.

How To Setup Email Notifications for Low Stock Items:

Setting up this notification is pretty straighforward. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Login to RepairDesk App.
2. Head to Store Settings.

3. Go to Module Configuration and select Inventory from the Menu.

4. At the bottom you will see a trigger: Enable Low Stock Notification. Enable this trigger.

5. Under Enter Email for Inventory Low Stock notification("," sperated) you can mention email address which will daily receive notification about low stock items via email.

Note: Please separate multiple email addresses by placing comma (",") between them.

6. Finally, click on Save button.

Once the daily shift closes, RepairDesk will automatically send you an email with the list of low stock items in excel format. (See Screenshot below).

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