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MobileHQ Electronic Parts Ordering Integration With RepairDesk

MobileHQ is a leading Australian based Mobile Repair Parts distributor providing specialist advice, components, tools and accessories. With a friendly and dedicated team, they supply customers with only the highest quality parts in the world!

We are really excited to roll out RepairDesk integration with MobileHQ platform that will allow users to view real-time inventory & price information while creating a new purchase order and order out of stock parts with a single click. 

Ready to get started?

Account Authentication:  
1. A store owner must have an approved account with MobileHQ before they can use this integration.

For those who already have an approved account please login to MobileHQ platform and navigate to account settings to generate API token key which you will need to enter inside RepairDesk.

Enter a random 6 digit string as your token in RepairDesk API Token field. 

Copy this API key as you are going to need it later in RepairDesk.

2. Now log in to RepairDesk and navigate to settings  .

3. Click on integration

4. Click on MobileHQ.  . 

5. On this page enter your "email address" registered on MobileHQ website along with "API Token" and hit Connect to enable integration for electronic parts ordering.

If it's successfully connected it will display success alert (see below) 

Supplier Code
1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on Suppliers.
3. From the list of Suppliers, select MobileHQ for update.
4. Under supplier code, enter the supplier code for Mobile HQ (MHQRD300).
5. Click on Save button. 

Tax Settings

MobileHQ charges 10% GST on purchases. If you have activated MobileHQ integration then it is necessary that you have a tax class of 10% activated as default tax class. 

To do so:
1. Head to Settings.
2. Select Tax.
3. Create a GST tax class with value of 10%.
4. Ensure that only this tax class is set as default

Note: Ensure that other tax classes are not activated as default and that only GST tax class of 10% is default.

Inventory Setup

1. Once the integration is successfully configured it will display a pop up alert that will allow you to download latest SKU list from MobileHQ & checkout using a single click.

2. Alternatively you can manually map or bulk import required inventory items with MobileHQ platform by entering Vendor SKU against individual inventory items so the software can display real-time inventory & price information while creating a new purchase order.

Electronic Parts Order
There are 2 ways to use this integration:

1. Open low stock report and push selected items with desired quantity level to a purchase order.

From purchase order screen you will be able to view real-time inventory levels from MobileHQ platform so you can adjust order quantity and will be able to checkout with a single click.  

2. Alternatively you can create new purchase order and select MobileHQ as supplier.


3. Search item(s) by name or SKU you want to order and click on add rowOnce you add a new line item it will display real-time inventory levels from MobileHQ platform so you adjust order quantity (if required).

4. Once you've finalized purchase order click on save.

5. Now click on Checkout with MobileHQ which will display a pop-up message notifying you that the products have been added to MobileHQ shopping cart.

Clicking the blue button will take you to MobileHQ website with item details. 
The integration is also smart enough to provide updates when you make changes to your MobileHQ cart and will update your RepairDesk Purchase Order with prompts for any changes or additions. 

6. Complete your purchase on MobileHQ website &
 once your order status is updated on MobileHQ website, it will automatically be updated on RepairDesk too.

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