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How can I view all the order details of any customer?

View Customer & Order Details

To view details of a customer and their past orders, click on Action button against a customer record and select View

You will be taken to View Customer Details page for that particular customer. 

The page has following sections:

Customer Stats - Reflects the types of services customer has availed and how much revenue was generated from this customer
Customer Info - Contact details and other relevant information pertaining to customer  
Tickets - Number of tickets created for the customer
Invoices - Invoices generated for customer
Estimates - Number of estimates created for that customer
Trade-In - List of trade-in devices sold to or purchased from the customer
Bill Payments - List of bill payments made by that customer
Gift Cards - Number and value of gift cards issued to the customer
Store Credits - Store credits issued to and redeemed by the customers
Loyalty - Loyalty issued and redeemed history against the customer

Customer Stats & Info

In this section you can view what kind of services customer availed from you and in return how much revenue was received or is pending from customer. 


Following stats are available:

Total - Total number of times customer availed a service
Tickets - Number of Repairs ordered by customer
Unlocks - Number of Unlocking services availed by customer
Products - Items/ Accessories utilized in a repair or sold to customer
Casual - Casual items sold to customer
Trade In - Trade-In exchanges made
Estimates - Total number of estimates created against that customer
Gift Cards - Total number of gift cards issued and value of active gift cards against the customer
Loyalty - Total value of outstanding loyalty points against the customer
Store Credits - Total value of outstanding store credits against the customer.

Note: Stats for gift cards, loyalty and store credits will only be shown to those customers who are using enterprise package and have enabled these modules.

Total Paid - Amount paid by the customer
Accounts Receivables - Payment pending and yet to be received from customer

Customer Info

Here you can view customer information such as customer group or contact details. You can update customer information by clicking on Edit Customer button.

Merge Customer
If you have mistakenly created multiple customer profiles, you can simply merge them to one customer profile. To learn more about it, please read the article.



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