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How to Stop your Emails from going into the Customer Spam Folder

If the emails that you are sending from within RepairDesk are landing in your customers spam folders they are probably not getting notified of repair updates, notifications and invoices. To ensure that the emails you are sending from RepairDesk land in the customers inbox, please follow the guidelines below.

SPF (Email Security)

SPF is a special DNS record that you must create so that other mail servers know that RepairDesk can send email on your behalf.

  1. Have an Existing DNS record

You probably already have a record created, for example with google it looks like:

v=spf1 -all

If you want to permit RepairDesk server to send emails on behalf of your domain, you should add our IP like this:

Our IP:

Example new SPF record:

v=spf1 +ip4: ~all

Adding the above record basically tells your domain, that server and our IP are allowed to send emails on your behalf.

Basically you just need to add "+ip4:" into the middle of your existing record.

  1. Don’t have an Existing DNS record

If you don't have an existing record, then you have to make a new DNS record like the following:

DNS Record Type: TXT

v=spf1 +ip4: -all

NOTE: In order to prevent your outbound emails from being sent to spam folders we have setup a lot of email security on our alias domain * If you switch to using your own email address and notice that your emails are being sent to your customer's spam folders, please change it back to this before contacting us for help.

What if we get an email from someone who isn't an existing customer?

When an email arrives at your business email address and the sender's address is not recognized by the system, we put it in your inbound email log. In order to see all the emails that have come to your alias, you have to enable the trigger from the store settings.

Store settings > Enable trigger (would you like to receive all emails within RepairDesk).

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