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How Can I View Tickets In RepairDesk's Mobile App?

Table of contents:

        1.0 Viewing Ticket

              1.1 Edit Pre/Post Conditions

               1.2 Add Notes  

                1.3 Upload Attachments

1.0 Viewing Ticket

1. From dashboard click on “Open Tickets” or “Tickets” Tab present at the bottom of Screen 🡪 you’ll be presented with “Manage Tickets” screen.

2. Click on the “Tickets” you want to open. You’ll presented with ticket screen.

3. Under Ticket Tab you can see “Customer” information and Ticket Summary.

4. Tap on “Device” tab to see the repair problem. You can click on “Create Invoice” to create invoice from ticket.    

5. Clicking “More Action” will generate a pop up from where you can collect signature, send SMS/Email, edit tickets and you can also create new tickets.


1.1 Edit Pre/Post Conditions

If you click on Repair Problem 🡪 you’ll be redirected to a new screen where “Details” tab will be selected by default. Here you can Add/ edit pre/post conditions.

1.2 Add Notes

If you click on notes 🡪 you’ll be presented with Diagnostics or Internal notes associated with tickets. User can also add new notes here. To add notes click on plus icon present at the bottom left corner of screen 🡪 a pop up will appear 🡪 from here you can select the type of notes you want to add Diagnostic or Internal 🡪 Now type note 🡪 Click on “Add” button. New note will be added.


1.3 Upload Attachments

1. Click on the “Attachment” tab 🡪 From here you can pre/post condition images. You can either upload images or you can capture a new image.

2. Now click on the back button present at the top left corner of the screen. You’ll be redirected back to the “Ticket” screen.

3. Click on the “Part” tab to see the details of parts added to “Ticket”.

Canned Responses - Repair Ticket

The following default events in repair ticket modules under the “Customers” tab present on RepairDesk’s web ap are also synced with RepairDesk’s mobile app:

1. A new ticket is created.

2. A device in repair ticket is marked as repaired, completed, or repaired and collected.

3. A device in a ticket cannot be repaired.

4. The required repair part is not available in stock.

5. A device in the repair ticket is waiting for customer approval.

6. Receipt against the ticket is sent to the customer

7. Part required to complete the repair is available in stock.

Note: The customized canned responses created on the web app under the “Customers” tab are also synced with RepairDesk’s mobile app.

For more information see the following KB article How to setup automatic emails against linked statuses?
To send an email or SMS to more action from the “View Ticket” screen. 


Tap on Email > Select any canned response and an email will be sent to the customer if he/she has provided the email address. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I edit tickets from RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. Certainly! RepairDesk’s Mobile app allows you to edit new tickets. For more information view this KB article.

Q. Can I create tickets from RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. Certainly! RepairDesk’s Mobile app allows you to create new tickets. For more information view this KB article.

Q. Can I print tickets from RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. No, you can not print tickets from RepairDesk’s web app and iPad POS.

Q. How can I restrict my employee from adding the diagnostic note from the mobile app while editing a ticket?

A. To restrict employees from adding diagnostic notes while editing/viewing the ticket from the mobile app.

Simply log in to the RepairDesk web app > Go to “Store Settings” > Tap on the “Employee” section present in the left menu.

Click on “Manage Roles Permission” > Select Role >


Expand the “Tickets” section > Scroll down and uncheck the trigger in front of “Add Public Comments” > And save the changes by clicking on the “Save Changes” button present at the end of the screen.

Resultantly your employees under the selected role will not be able to add diagnostic notes in the already created ticket from the web and mobile app.

To sync the settings with the mobile app your employee would have to manually sync the settings on the mobile app by clicking on the “Sync Product & Settings (Manually)” button present in the left menu on the mobile app.

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