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How To Edit An Already Created Invoice In RepairDesk's Mobile App?

In this article we will discuss how you can edit your invoices using RepairDesk’s mobile app.  

Table of contents:

      1.0 Edit Invoices

            1.1 Line Items Tab

            1.2 Invoice Info Tab


1.0 Edit Invoices

1. From the dashboard Click “Invoices” tab present at the bottom right corner of screen 🡪 You’ll be redirected to “Manage Invoices” screen.

2. Search Invoice you want to edit. By either scanning barcode or using search filter.

3. Open “Invoice” by tapping on its name 🡪 You’ll be redirected to “Invoice” screen 🡪 Hit the “More Action” button 🡪 Hit “Edit Invoice”.

Note: You can only edit Invoice which is “Unpaid” or “Partially Paid”.

1.1 Line Items Tab

1. You can insert more “Line Items” by clicking on the “Add line Item” button.

2. Click on “Line Items” 🡪 You can change “Price”, “Apply Inline Discount”, “Apply Tax”, “Add Notes”.


3. Click on “Collect Payment” to accept payment against the invoice through custom payment methods.


1.2 Invoice Info Tab

1. Click on “Collect Payment” to collect payment against the invoice through custom payment methods.

2. Click on “More Action” to collect signature, email invoice, save the invoice, create new invoice.

3. Click on the “Add Customer” icon. From here you can select an already existing customer or you can create a new customer.

4. Click on the ticket number present under “Invoice Summary” 🡪 You’ll be directed to view the ticket screen. 


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