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How Invoice Module Works In RepairDesk's Mobile App?

Managing Invoices can be a very hectic task. An up-to-date record of invoices is required not only to accurately calculate your revenues but also for filing taxes. In this article we will discuss how you view your invoices using RepairDesk’s mobile app.   

Table of contents:

      1.0 View Invoices

             1.1 Invoice Status

             1.2 Collect Payment

              1.3 More Actions

1.0 View Invoices

1. From the dashboard click the “Invoices” tab present at the bottom right corner of the screen 🡪 You'll see the "Manage Invoices" screen.

2. To Open invoice click on invoice name 🡪 You’ll be redirected to “Invoice” Screen. Header of Invoice screen contains invoice number.


1.1 Invoice Status

By default you’ll be redirected to the “Line Items” tab. Here you’ll see “Invoice Status” i.e. Paid, Unpaid, Partial or Refunded.

1.2 Collect Payment

1. You can collect payment against invoice if it is “Unpaid” or “Partial”. Currently you can only process Payment through Custom Payment methods.

2. You can either collect Partial Payment or full payment and you can collect payment through multiple Payment methods.

3. You can also view Payment details at the end of the “Invoice“ screen. Payment Details shows “Subtotal”, “Discount”, “Tax”, “Total”, “Due” and it also shows which custom payment method was used to accept payment from customers.

1.3 More Actions

1. Click on “More Actions” 🡪 a pop up will appear 🡪 From here you can “Collect Signature”.

2. You can also email Invoice to your customer.

3. You can edit "Invoice".

4. You can also create new invoices. Click on “Create Invoice” 🡪 You’ll be redirected to the “New Invoice” screen. From here you can select new customers or can create new one.

5. Click on “Add line Item” 🡪 you’ll be redirected to the “Select Item” screen. Select “Products”, “Trade In” or “Casual” you want to sell.

6. Click on “Create Invoice” 🡪 New Invoice will be created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I create invoices from RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. Certainly! RepairDesk’s Mobile app allows you to create invoices. For more information view this KB article.

Q. Can I sell inventory items using RepairDesk’s Mobile app?

A. Yes, you can sell inventory items using RepairDesk’s Mobile app. Follow this knowledge base article.

Q. Can I print the invoice from RepairDesk’s mobile app?

A. No, you can print the invoice from RepairDesk’s web app and iPad POS.

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