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Using RepairDesk app in Offline Mode

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The RepairDesk iPad POS Software has an Offline Mode that is available to all users. This mode is designed to provide uninterrupted POS functionality in case of connectivity issues.

This Knowledge Base article will help you understand how the offline mode works, what you can and cannot do, and how to use it.

What You Can Do

  • Add customers 
  • Create and edit ticket and invoices 
  • Collect payments through cash
  • Print thermal receipts using Star TSP, Brother Label Printers and EPSON Printers

What You Cannot Do

  • Log out of your account
  • Switch to another store 
  • Upload pre-repair/post-repair images while creating a ticket 
  • Take customer signatures through the Customer Facing Display 
  • Use the Estimates module
  • Use payment integrations 
  • Use the Shift Management module 
  • Refund invoices 
  • Add or adjust inventory 
  • Edit customer details 
  • Send any emails

Note: You may have to face the issue for inventory records going in the negative. It is recommended that you check your physical inventory every time before selling an inventory item from the iPad while in offline mode.

Please follow these steps to use the offline mode on the iPad POS Register:

  1. Log in to your RepairDesk account. 
  2. Go to Settings and tap Offline Mode, then turn on the trigger to enable Offline Mode. 

  3. Once the option is selected, a pop-up for Terms and Conditions (that are also listed above) will appear. 

  4. When your internet connection is lost, you will be allowed to use the app in offline mode by enabling the toggle “Use App in Offline Mode Now” in the Settings menu. 

  5. You can add a customer from the POS when in offline mode. 
  6. You can create and edit tickets and invoices in offline mode. 

  7. Payments can be made through cash only in offline mode. 

  8. You have to sync the pending tickets and invoices before disabling offline mode. 

  9. If you’re back online, you first have to sync the offline data, and then disable the toggle for offline mode. 

  10. After your data is synced, the changes will be saved and you can disable the offline mode toggle. 


Q. Can we print labels and thermal receipts in offline mode?
A. Yes, you can. However, the Wi-Fi connection for your iPad should not be off. If the Wi-Fi is off, you cannot print the label or invoice.

Q. Can we pay through any other payment method except cash?
A. No. You can only pay through cash in offline mode.                              

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