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How the Tell A Friend Feature Works

Our Tell A Friend feature allows you to share your RepairDesk experience with friends and earn credit or rewards. Get your friends involved and earn a commission based on the package they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does this work?
A. Go to Settings and select the Tell A Friend option. From here, you need to send an invitation email to your referral with a link to sign up to RepairDesk. Enter the email address of the person you want to send the referral link to, and click on Invite Friends to dispatch your email. When the users you send the email to sign up for a paid subscription using the provided link, RepairDesk will automatically add credits to your account. 

Q. How many credits can I earn from each referral?
A. For every user that signs up for a Professional, Advance or Enterprise package, you will receive $70 in commission. Users who sign up for the Lite+ package will net you $35 in commission.

Q. How can I know that I have received the credits?
A. You will be informed via email when credits are added to your account.

Q. Will the credits be transferred to my account or will I get an adjustment in my package subscription?
A. Credits will be adjusted in your subscription for the next month. 

Q. Can I track my referrals?
A. Yes, you can track the status of your referrals from the Tell A Friend screen. They will show up with one of 3 different statuses on the right once you send the invite: Invited, Sign Up and Joined.

Invited: When you have invited the referral but they have not signed up yet.
Sign Up: When the referral has signed up on a trial account.
Joined: When the referral has purchased a plan. Credits are transferred to you when this status shows.

Q. Will I get credits when the referral signs up for trial?
A. No, credits are transferred only when the referral has subscribed to either the Lite+, Professional, Advance or Enterprise plans. 

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