Which events are triggered to send automatic emails from iPad POS Register app?

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It has been easy to send automatic emails and SMS notifications when certain events are triggered from iPad POS Register app. Notification settings enabled from RepairDesk web account are aligned to work with iPad POS Register app. To know details on how to setup email and SMS notifications from web, please read through our knowledge base article here.

Following emails and SMS notifications settings are replicated from web on iPad POS Register app.

Customer Related Events

Repairs Module

  • A new ticket is created
  • Ticket is marked as completed, repaired and collected
  • Device in a ticket cannot be repaired
  • Device in repair ticket is waiting for customer approval
  • Required repair part is available back in stock
  • Receipt against ticket is sent to customer
  • Required repair part is not available in stock


  • A new invoice has been generated
  • Invoice has passed the due date

In-house Events

Repair Tickets Module

  • A new ticket is assigned to a technician
Note: Please note that emails/SMS against these triggers will be sent based on the status to which an event is attached.

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