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How To Upload Pre/Post Repair Images From iPad POS Register?

We have made it easy for RepairDesk iPad users to now keep record of per repair and post repair device conditions by uploading pre repair and post repair images. Its useful in a case if a customer comes with a broken or water damage device. Technician can upload pre condition and post condition board image in order to save his ass from being sued. Also by having this functionality in our iPad app, it will be much easier for you to capture images at the spot using iPad back and front camera.

Uploading Images from POS 

We have made it quite simple and easy for you to upload pre/post repair device images while creating a repair ticket using the iPad camera as well as use gallery images.

On POS while creating a repair ticket, you will get the button to upload pre/post repair images shown below.

Uploading Images

You will get the following pop-up from where you can upload pre-repair images while creating ticket for first time and post-repair images when a ticket is repaired.

You can upload the images from Gallery or take picture directly using the iPad camera.

It will ask you to enter the image title and description.

You can also delete the uploaded images by hitting Select --> Select images --> Hit Delete Icon.

Similarly you can also upload post repair image from edit mode. When a ticket is re-opened on iPad POS,  the option to upload post repair images is enabled.


Uploading Images from View Tickets Screen

In order to upload pre or post repair device images, head to
1. View Tickets screen from POS
2. Select ticket against which you want to add images
3. Click on View Details and you will get the following pop-up

4. You will see a new section added named "Attachments" . Click on this tab and you will have two separate sections to add pre and post repair images.

5. Select your required section and hit upload images button to add images. You can either upload an image from Gallery or use the Camera to take picture at the sport and upload.

6. Once you select and upload the image, it will give the following pop-up asking you to add Title and Description against the image.

Hit Save and your uploaded image will be saved and added as shown below.

Similarly you can upload multiple images against pre and post repair images section.

Editing Images:

In order to edit the uploaded images, you can simply tap on the image you want to edit and will get the following pop-up.

You can edit the title and description against the image and hit Save to save the changes. Same applies to edit post repair images as well.

Deleting Images:

In order to delete the image, you can hit "Select" appearing at top left corner of the screen and all uploaded images will get selected. 


1. Is it possible to select and upload multiple images at once?
A. As we have to add title and description against each image separately, therefore it is not possible to upload multiple images at once.

2. How can I add pre/post repair device conditions against a ticket?
A. To learn how to add or edit pre/post repair device conditions from iPad POS Register app, please follow the link to knowledge base article here.

3. Can I edit/delete pre/post repair images from POS section while editing a repair ticket?
A. No, currently you cannot edit/delete the already added images from iPad POS section. In case if you want to edit/delete images you can do it from View Ticket Details section.

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