How To Setup Customer Facing Display on iPad POS Register App?

Integrating Customer Facing Display with Repairdesk iPad POS Register App provides you the facility to capture customer signatures efficiently on work order details using a secondary tablet.

How To Set Up?

To know how to integrate customer facing display for iPad POS Register app, please follow the link here.

Once customer facing display is enabled from web successfully, hit Sync Products and Settings Manually option from iPad POS Register app. To set terminal IDs from iPad, head to left side menu --> Settings

Hit Customer Facing Display and select terminal according to the list of provided terminals.


Once the terminal is selected and customer facing display is configured, you can open the customer facing display on another iPad facing customer by hitting Customer Facing Display from left side menu on screen facing customer. 

Create a work order from POS on iPad POS Register app and at the same time, customer will have following screen displayed on customer facing iPad where he can view order details on runtime

From the next screen please click on Create Ticket (to create ticket) or Checkout (to create an invoice).

On admin end you will get a pop up alert where you can wait for a customer to enter their signatures, cancel the request or click on "proceed anyway".

Please note that if you hit Proceed Anyway, it will continue without taking signatures.

Also note that on checkout screen, we have added a new toggle to display pre/post repair terms and conditions. If the toggle is towards pre-repair terms and conditions, then pre-repair terms and conditions will be shown on customer facing display. Similarly if the toggle is towards post-repair terms and conditions, then post-repair terms and conditions will be displayed on signatures screen.

Customer will be able to review terms and conditions and enter his signatures.

Following thank you screen will pop-up showing the completion of work order.


Q. Can I get signatures through customer facing display while offering refund from iPad POS Register app?
A. Yes you can capture customer signatures while offering refund from iPad POS Register app following the process as explained here.

By hitting complete payment button, user will get the following pop-up.

On tablet facing customer, following screen should be displayed and remaining process will remain the same as described above.

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