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Dispatch Module

Dispatch Module:
This module allows you to view a detailed calendar showing all your leads and tickets simultaneously in one singular window.
You can perform the following actions using the Dispatch module.

1. Create, manage, and assign tickets to employees.
2. Create, manage, and assign leads to employees.
3. Transfer Ticket and Transfer Leads.

You also have the option to view all the tickets and leads of all stores under one window.

How to access the Dispatch Module:

In order to access the Dispatch module go to Repairs and then click on Dispatch.

Dispatch Module:
This is how the Dispatch module appears:

How it works:
Through the Dispatch module, you can not only manage tickets and leads but you can create new leads and tickets.
if you want to know how lead section work click on Lead.
If you want to know how the tickets section work click on Ticket.

whereas you can create lead and ticket from Dispatch Module.

Creation Of Lead:
Go to to Dispatch Module, click on the + button on the top left corner or just click the time slot box.
you will have both option to create a ticket or book appointment (lead).
you can you select whichever method to create lead.

Click on book appointment in order create lead:

You need to add customer details while creating a new lead:

Device detail is added same like added through manage leads:

Under summary Tab you can add assignee view location  and referral source :

Employee can be auto-assigned based on trigger or user can view location for each employee and assign them manually.
technicians location can be accessed via view location when technician have logged in to IOS mobile app.

Admin can assign lead manually by seeing its location.
After adding all the details lead is created and shown on the Dispatch screen:
light green color is assigned to lead and Bold color marker on the side of lead is related to its status.

How to convert Lead into Ticket:
Click on lead to view further action you can perform.
here you can transfer lead to other stores or convert that lead to a ticket.

Click on Convert to ticket , ticket will be created with a light blue background and dark blue marker on the side showing that the ticket is in progress.

if you want to edit the ticket, the system will redirect you to manage ticket where you can edit the ticket.
Ticket can also be created by clicking create ticket and it will redirect a user to manage ticket page and a user can add ticket detail.

lead can be generated from appointment calendar widget, in order to know about appointment calendar widget click here.

there are some triggers related to the Dispatch module :

Lead Auto User Assignment:
if this trigger is enabled lead is automatically assigned to a technician near to customer place.

Lead Acceptance:
if this trigger is enabled technician is allowed to accept lead.

Lead rejection:
if this trigger is enabled technician is allowed to reject lead.

Lead Time TAT(Minutes):
it is the time set for a technician to accept or reject the generated Lead.

Lead Map Key:

it is the Map key by which technician can be seen nearest to the customer.


Q. Can tickets created from pos be shown on the Dispatch module?
A. Yes, tickets created from POS are shown on Dispatch module. if the ticket is assigned to any employee it is displayed against that employee and if it's not then it falls under unassigned.

Q.what is view location option while creating new lead?
A. By clicking on view location, customer location based on his address and nearby technicians are shown on the map. through which lead can be assigned to the nearest technician.

Q. How the employee will know that lead is assigned to him?
A. Based on trigger when the user will automatically be assigned the ticket or manually added by the admin he will have the option to accept or reject that lead.

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