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How to setup Inventory Valuation and Inventory Adjustment Methods on iPad?

We are pleased to introduce inventory valuation and adjustment process on iPad POS Register app. Rather than synchronizing the inventory valuation method from web, you can now setup the valuation method as well as adjust inventory from iPad POS Register app. 

 Lets walk through some simple steps to know how can you achieve this !

Setting up Inventory Valuation Method

You can setup inventory valuation while adding new item from POS screen in iPad POS Register app. Head to accessories from POS screen --> Add new Item

Inventory Adjustment

To adjust inventory quantity against any item with zero stock level, stock quantity can be adjusted when you tries to add that item to cart. It will give you an adjustment pop-up shown below where you can enter the adjustment quantity to make the transaction with that particular item. 

Similarly, if you want to enter more than available stock quantity to cart, it will give you the same pop-up to adjust inventory quantity and you can upgrade your stock easily 

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