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How To Refund An Invoice Using iPad POS Register?

Repair Desk *Refund Feature* allows you to refund a transaction, and also allows you to generate a new "Refund Invoice". The refund invoice is the same as the original invoice, but shows a negative quantity. 

How It Works?

1. On iPad click on View Invoices and find the invoice you would like to refund.
2. From Filter icon, click the status tab and select Paid .

Note: Refund option will appear for Fully Paid and Partial Paid invoices only.

3. All the paid invoices will appear with the option of offering a Refund.


4. Now select the invoice you would like to refund and swipe left. It will show the option of Refund. In this case, we have selected the first invoice from the screen. 


By clicking on Refund, you will get the following pop-up where you can select the items to be refunded (in case of partial refund).

If you want to charge restocking fee, then you can apply the restocking fee on individual items. By default, the value of restocking fee set from web will be applied.

To learn more about how to set restocking fee and how it is calculated, please head to following article

Offer Full Refund

5. Click on Proceed and items to be refunded will be added to the cart.


6. Select payment amount and press Complete Payment to complete the refund process.

Partial Refund

7. Click on an item, if you want to change the refund quantity or amount. Upon clicking an item, it will take you to a new pop-up where you can click on a previously given refund to increase or decrease the quantity and amount of the refund.

8. Quantity can be changed here. For example, if there are two items and you want to refund one, it is possible now. Enter the quantity and press Save.

Sometimes the owner charges a particular amount when a customer asks for a refund. Here is the option for changing the amount to be refunded.


9.Select payment amount and press Complete Payment to complete the refund process.


Note: RepairDesk doesn't have a specific exchange module, but you can use the refund feature for this purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we exchange an item using iPad POS Register?

A. There is a simple process to exchange any device or item in RepairDesk.

1. Go to Invoices and create Refund Transaction for the item you want to exchange.
2. In order to exchange the device/ item, add the exchanged device or item in the transaction. The system will tell you what the remaining balance is.

For further clarification, please refer to the screenshot below:


Q. Can I give a partial refund?

A. Yes, you can give a partial refund. You can decrease the Refund quantity and amount.

Q. Can I decrease the quantity while offering a refund?

A. Yes, you can decrease the quantity. e.g. previously the invoice was made for 3 items and the customer wants to refund 1 item out of 3, now by the refund functionality you can refund only one item.

Q. Can I decrease the amount of refund for every item individually?

A. Yes, you can also change the amount for every individual item. However, this amount cannot exceed the invoice amount for that item.

 Q. What is the effect of the decreased amount on overall reports?

A. When you decrease the amount while offering a refund the retail price and reports are updated accordingly.

Q. Can I refund an invoice which is already partially refunded?

A. Yes, you can refund that invoice which is already partially refunded. The invoice will contain the remaining quantity after partial refund.

Q. Can we refund through PayPal Here, Square or Stripe?

A. Currently this functionality is not available, but we are working towards  not.

Q. What formula is applied to calculate partial refund amount on partially paid invoices?

A. When making a partial payment against an invoice with multiple items in it, the payment will be distributed among the items and the distributed price will be shown on the pop up when refunding. The following formula will be used to calculate the amount for a single item.

Formula for a single item: (Amount paid / Total amount of invoice) * Original amount of item

With the help of this formula, the amount will be distributed among the items and shown on the refund pop up.

The price and tax will be distributed with the help of the same formula as mentioned above. Simply multiply the ratio with the price and tax to get the distributed value.

Please note that the restocking fee cannot be applied on the GIft cards and Product Bundles.

For the Tax inclusive items, the restocking fee will be applied on the Total and the price and tax will update after that.

Refund Amount =  Total - Restocking Fee

In case of Tax Exclusive items, the restocking fee will be applied on the Price and the full tax will be added in order to calculate the refund amount.

Refund Amount = Price - Restocking Fee + Tax


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