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How to Take Deposits in RepairDesk?

RepairDesk provides you with a wide range of ways to collect deposits from customers. You can select the method that is easy for you. Following are the available methods:

1- Create Invoices with Tickets:

RepairDesk allows you to make invoice and ticket for an order in just one click at the same time. 

NoteBy default when you create a ticket for a repair job, RepairDesk will create an invoice for it.

However, if you wish not to create an invoice once a repair ticket is created and to convert a ticket into an invoice and accept payment at a later time, you can perform the following steps:

1- Head to Store Settings in the right corner on the top of your screen.

2- Select Tickets under module configuration.

3- Move down on the screen until you see don't auto Create Invoice on Create Ticket. Check the box.

Now from onwards when you will create a ticket, an invoice would not be created automatically.

2- Creating Invoices from Tickets: 

In case you want to create invoices from tickets when customer is there to pay you , then these are the steps you will be following:

1- Go to the Repairs dropdown and select Manage Tickets.

2- Now select any pending ticket and open it. Select Add Payment from the left top of screen.

3- Enter the way you would like to accept payment from.

4- Enter your PIN and payment would be accepted.

To know more about how add payments to invoices, check out this article


3- Creating Invoices From POS Screen

You can also create invoices through POS screen of RepairDesk. To do so follow these simple steps.

1- Go to Point of Sale screen of RepairDesk.

2- Select the repair ticket you want to receive payment of.

3- Go to the left right corner and select Checkout.

4- Now, either you can accept all the payment from the customer at once or you can select some while rest of the payment would be marked as due by the software.

4- Invoices Via Checkout

You can also make invoices through direct checkout option. Here is the way you can do it:

1- Go to Point of Sale screen of RepairDesk.

2- Select the service or device you are going to create invoice for.

3- After you are done adding the items simply head to Checkout in the bottom right corner and click it.

That is all you need to know about the multiple ways you can get deposits from RepairDesk.

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