How to Scan a Repair Ticket Label? (iOS App)

With RepairDesk's intuitive iOS App your iPhone can act like a bar-code scanner, allowing you to capture information from ticket labels, with just one tap.

This is a great help for field technicians who need a mobile solution which can assist them on the go. With just one tap and swipe they can access all the information about a repair ticket. Sweet isn't it?

To scan a repair ticket, tap on Scan Ticket button on the Dashboard Screen. 

This will open your iPhone camera. Hover it above the ticket label and tap on Start Scan. Our iOS App will detect the bar code on the ticket label.

Once the scan is finished, the details of the repair ticket will appear on your screen. 

Now you can perform any further information on this detail, such as create an invoice, take customer signature, or edit repair ticket information. 

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