How Can I Create an Estimate?

Often customers contact you and inquire about how much a specific repair service or item will cost. Instead of verbally informing them over phone, wouldn't it be more efficient to create Estimates for them and email them? In this way you can also keep a track of such potential customers and keep a record of leads. 

To assist you in this matter, RepairDesk allows you to create estimates for your customers. It's super easy and is just like creating an invoice. The cherry on the icing is that if customer informs you to proceed after viewing estimate, you can convert it to a repair ticket in just one click. 

To Create an Estimate:

1. Go to the Point of Sale (POS) screen
2. Select Manufacturer, Device, Problem, Part and enter Details just like creating a repair ticket. 
3. Click on Make Estimate (button) on POS screen. 

4. Once an Estimate is generated, you will see a pop-up screen which will give you the options to print service or thermal receipts or to directly Convert this Estimate to Repair Ticket. You can also convert it to a ticket at a later stage. 

5. On POS screen, click on View Estimates to view record of all estimates. 

6. On Estimate Orders screen you can filter records according to search criteria via Search Filter. Click on Open to view Estimate on POS (it will be added to POS basket). 

Click on Convert to Repair Ticket to change an estimate to a ticket. 

7. Once an Estimate is converted to a Repair Ticket you can select from a variety of options such as printing label, service or thermal receipts, email to customer or view this newly created ticket. 

Watch this video to learn more about how to create and view an estimate!


Q. Can I create an invoice from an estimate?
A. You cannot directly create an invoice from an estimate. To create an invoice, first convert estimate to repair ticket. Then you can create an invoice against a repair ticket. 

Q. Can I create estimates for Trade In items and Accessories?
A. Definitely! Same procedure is applicable to create estimates for Trade In and Casual Items. You can also convert this estimate for these items as a repair ticket. 

Q. Can I create an estimate from lead section?
A. Definitely! You can create an estimate from a lead. You can also email the estimate to customer directly from lead and download as a PDF as well.
Simply open a lead. Click on Email to email estimate to customer. Click on Download Estimate to save a copy of the estimate as PDF file on your system. 

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