How to Add Diagnostic Notes (iOS App)?

You may want to mention additional details on a repair ticket, displayed not only to your technicians but also to your customers. You can store such additional information by adding Diagnostic Notes in RepairDesk's iOS App

Diagnostic Notes are public comments which can be seen by technicians in app and will appear on invoice for the customer. 

You can add diagnostic notes under Other Information while creating a repair ticket. 

Enter the note and proceed with ticket generation. 

You can also add diagnostic comments to already created tickets. Open a ticket, go to Device Information; under Notes tab you can view previously added diagnostic notes.
Tap "+" to add another diagnostic note.  

From the pop-up menu, select Add Diagnostic Note

Enter the note. Once finished, tap on Add to save this note in ticket. 

Now other technicians can also benefit from this information and it will also be visible to customers on their invoices. 

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