How to Upload Images for Pre Repair Device Condition (iOS App)?

While using RepairDesk iOS App you can upload images of customer's device before performing repair job. This will enable you to compare device condition before and after a repair. 

You can upload photos for Pre-Repair Device Condition under Other Information while creating a repair ticket. Tap on "+" to add photos. 


From the pop-up screen, you can upload a photo either directly from Camera or upload a photo from Library.  

Once a photo is uploaded, you can see attachments under Pre Repair Deice Photos. To upload another photo, tap the "+" icon again. 

To delete a photo, long press the attachment. You will see a pop up screen. Tap on Delete to remove photo. Tap on Cancel to return back to screen without deleting attachment. 

Once pre-repair device photos are uploaded, you can view them later under Device Information after opening a repair ticket. 

Q. How to add pre-repair device conditions in iOS App?
A. Please check this article to know how to add pre repair device conditions in RepairDesk's iOS App. 

Q. Where can I view these photos? 
A. To view pre-repair device condition photos you would have to login to RepairDesk Web App

Q. Can I add post-repair device conditions as well via iOS App?
A. Currently this option is not available in RepairDesk's iOS App. You can only add pre-repair device condition photos via our iOS App. 

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