How to Send SMS or Email to Customer (iOS App)?

With RepairDesk's iOS App you can easily send emails and invoices to your customers in just a few taps! Our smart iOS App enables you to update your customers about progress on their repair jobs and to send invoices via email to them.

A. Send SMS to customers
You can send canned responses via SMS or Email to your customers, updating them about status of their repair order. These canned responses work for both SMS and Email. 

To do so: 
1. Open a Repair Ticket and tap the Menu icon at the top right of the screen.  

2. From the Right Navigation Menu, tap SMS.

3. Select a Canned Response to send it to customer. You can also add a new canned response or customized message by tapping the Compose icon at the top right corner. 

4. Once a response has been selected, it will be sent to the customer via SMS. 

Note: Make sure that you have entered customer's cell number while adding Customer Information. To send a SMS please make sure that the SMS integration you are using is active on Repairdesk's Web App. You can use any SMS Integrations provided by RepairDesk (Clickatell, SMS Broadcast, Textlocal etc).  

B. Email Invoices to Customer
You can email an invoice to your customer along with a message by:

1. Tapping on the Menu icon on the right corner of an invoice screen.

2. From the Right Navigation Menu, select the option: Email Invoice

3. On the Write Email screen, select recipient, add subject and compose content of email. A copy of the invoice will automatically be attached to this email. Click on SEND button to forward invoice to your customer via email. 

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