How To Add Notes (iOS App)?

Often you find the need to add some notes against a repair ticket. This may comprise of additional information which can prove to be quite useful for the technician when he is working on the repair job. With the help of RepairDesk's iOS App you can add useful notes to repair tickets. 

RepairDesk offers two types of notes:
1. Diagnostic Notes: These are public comments which can be seen by technicians in app and will appear on invoice for the customer. 
2. Internal Notes: Internal notes are private comments which will only remain between your employees and technicians. 

You can add diagnostic and internal notes while creating a new repair ticket or adding notes to an existing ticket. 

A. Adding Diagnostic and Internal Notes while Creating a Repair Ticket:
While creating a repair ticket, you can add Diagnostic notes and Internal notes under the Other Information screen. Just tap on the text box and write a note under Diagnostic Notes, which are public notes, or Internal private notes for the team. Once entered, tap the Next button at the bottom to proceed with ticket creation. 

B. Adding Notes to an Existing Repair Ticket. 
To add public diagnostic notes or internal notes, 

1. Open a Repair Ticket.
2. Tap on Device Information.
2. Tap on the Notes tab on Device Information screen. 
3. If notes had been added previously to this Repair Ticket you can see them listed down here. Tap on Add or "+" icon to add a note. 

4. Once you tap on Add or "+" icon you will see a pop up menu. Tap on Write an Internal Note to add a private comment for your team ot tap on Add a Diagnostic Note to add a public note to the repair ticket. 

5. Write the note and tap on Add to attach note to the repair ticket. 

6. Once added, you will be able to see the added note along with its type i.e. Internal Note or Diagnostic Note

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