How to create a repair ticket in RepairDesk iOS App?

RepairDesk's iOS App is ideal for field technicians who need to visit customers and book repair jobs on the go. To facilitate uber technicians in booking repair jobs, we have a whole module which will enable you to create repair tickets. 

Using it super easy! Let us show you how:

A. New Ticket
1. Swipe the left navigation menu and select Tickets from the menu. 

2. On the Manage Tickets screen you can see all of repair tickets listed with information about customers and repair job. Click on the "+" icon at the top right corner to create a repair ticket. 

3. You will be taken to the New Ticket screen. Here you can enter Customer and Device Details

B. Add Customer Details

I. Select Customer

Tap Select Customer to add a customer to repair ticket. Here you can add following types of customers:

Walk In: Casual walk in customers that came to you for a repair. No customer information is collected and after selecting Walk In you can proceed to create a repair ticket. 
New Customer: Add a new customer by entering relevant information. 
Existing Customer: Select a customer already added to the system.
Add from Address Book: Add a contact from your iPhone as a customer to the repair ticket.

II. Add a New Customer 

If you are adding a new customer, select New Customer from the pop up menu. You will be taken to Customer Details screen from where you can enter customer information such as Customer Name, Email, Phone, Address etc. 

Once finished, click on Next button at the bottom to add customer to ticket. 

C. Add Device Information 

Once customer is added, select Device Information to enter device details (see step 3). Here you can enter device information by selecting Device, Task (Device Issue), enter IMEI or Serial number, set status of repair job, assign it to an employee, and set price, tax and due date. Tap the Next button at the bottom to proceed. 

I. Select a Device

Tap on Device to add a device from Select Device screen. If a device is not available, tap the "+" icon to add a new device. After selecting a device, tap on SAVE to add device to repair ticket. 

II. Add a New Device

Select a Manufacturer and add Device Name. Tap on DONE to add a new device. 

III. Select a Device Issue

Under Device Information screen, tap on Task to add a device issue from the menu. You can see a list of device related issue. Toggle on the device issues. You can select multiple device issues as well. Click on SAVE to add selected device issues to the repair ticket.  


IV. Add a New Device Issue

If a device issue is not present, tap the "+" icon  to add a new device issue. Select Manufacturer, Device Model, enter device issue, add a brief description of the issue, enter retail price and tax. By default tax is considered exclusive. To enable tax inclusiveness, enable the toggle option at the bottom. 

V. Other Information

In other information you can enter supplied items, pre-repair device condition, add a picture of the device before repair, write public (diagnostic) comments or internal notes just for you and repair technicians. Once added, tap the Next button at the button to add Device Details to Repair Ticket. 

D. Ticket Items
After you have added Other Information, tap on Next to proceed. Select or Add a Repair Item (Ticket Item) against Device Issue(s). Once selected, tap on SAVE to proceed. 

Once Customer and Device information have been successfully added, tap SAVE to create the new repair ticket. 

Q. How to convert a repair ticket to an invoice?
A. To know how to convert a ticket to an invoice, please refer to this article

Q. How to add diagnostic notes?
A. Click here to find out how to add a diagnostic note to a ticket. 

Q. How to add internal notes?
A. To know how to write an internal note, please refer to this article

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